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Guide to Naming Your Cat

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Guide to Naming Your Cat

Post by Skyfeather on 7th June 2014, 5:54 pm

All cats, unless they are kittypets, loners, or rogues, have two parts to their names. When kits are born, their mother names them. Most of the time the name will describe the main features of the cat. The first part of the name will transfer through all of the Clan ranks, only the last part changes. The cat we will use for our examples has long, ginger fur. The fur around the neck almost looks like a lion's mane.

The name will always end with 'star'.
Name for our example:  Lionstar

Deputies/Medicine Cats/Warriors/Queens/Elders:
The names for these cats vary greatly. There is no set rule for the last part of the name, but it should probably stay relevant to the fact that they are cats... in Clans... that fight/hunt or heal. Some names are more relevant for one gender and not the other. Try to keep your names specific to your cat. Again, keep it relevant.
Names for our example:  Lionfur, Lionpelt, Lionclaw, and Lionheart.
NOTE: Lionclaw would NOT be used for a medicine cat. Medicine cats are healers and not fighters.

Apprentices: This includes medicine cat apprentices
The names for apprentices always end with 'paw'.
Name for our example: Lionpaw

The names for kits always end with 'kit'.
Name for our example: Lionkit

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